Thursday, August 7, 2008

Ella and Buttons

My parents have been out of town, so we have been watching their dog, Buttons. For the last two weeks, I have said over and over to Ella:

....Don't scare Buttons!
....Leave Buttons alone!
....Don't kick Buttons!
....Stop screaming at Buttons!

And on and on and on. I don't know if any of you have a little dog like her, but she is very skittish and gets scared very easily, therefore snipping when she doesn't want someone to touch her. She has never bit anyone, but she does that little nibble to let you know she is not happy.

Ella loves it when Buttons licks her. She will get all "motherly" and say, "Hi sweetie. You're so cute Buttons. You like me don't you Buttons?"

Do you see the fear in Buttons eyes here?

Okay, so the photo shoot ended after this last shot, but I'm sure glad I got it! If you look at Buttons eyes, you can see they are totally locked on Ella as she goes in for a kiss. It could have gotten bad had we gone any further!



  1. Those shots are awesome. I love how those two are interacting through the session. She is adorable and the doggie is way cute too.

  2. Cute dog and Ella sure has take to Buttons. Sorry to hear she isn't overly fond of Ella, though. Some dogs just have a harder time with the over touchines of kids.

  3. Buttons looks so much like my inlaws new puppy, Gizmo! Nadia adores her, and she loves Nadia back just as much. They are crazy together, we have to remind BOTH of them to be gentle. Hehe.

    Such sweet the tiny smile your captured in #3.

  4. LOL! That last shot cracks me up with buttons looking at her like, please don't come any closer!