Friday, August 8, 2008

Playing In the Backyard...And Goodbye to Buttons

Ella and I were playing out in the backyard the other day. She had her favorite princess dress on. When she comes out of her room after nap time, more times than not, this is what she is wearing. She was rolling all over the grass....something she has never done before.....This first picture, she was laying down and I told her to tell me if she saw any shapes in the clouds (as I snapped away). She kept saying she doesn't see anything. And as my eye is in the viewfinder, I kept saying, C'mon, you have to see some sort of shape in the clouds. I kept talking about them to keep her in position. Once I got frustrated that she wasn't working with me and using her imagination....I looked up at the sky....and there was not a single cloud in the sky! She must have thought I was crazy! :0)

Ella puts her hands on her chin all the time. When she is questioning something, when she is thinking, when she is pretending to be sad......I'm lucky because it is the cutest thing!

And when I tell her to make a silly face....This is it!

Now, I liked this picture, but does it look a little creepy to you? For some reason, her eyes look like there is something stewing behind them.

And last but not least, Buttons goes home today. When I talk to my Dad while they are on vacation, he will ask me how the camera is doing and did I take any pictures of Buttons? The only ones I have gotten are of her and Ella and then this one last night. I take pictures of my baby all the time. He thought I would have been excited to take pictures of his baby for a change. ;0)



  1. My kids make that exact same silly face. I love that silly face one the best, but they are all so cute. The cloud story is hilarious. I can see myself doing the same thing.

  2. Beautiful shots of Ella as usual! I am so jealous that she actually looks at the camera for you! Caden is always running away from me trying to explore!!

  3. What a wonderful series! She is so beautiful. Her chin-in-her-hands position is darling. I can't believe she is such a great little model, and looks at you (and the sk - even when there's nothing there!). Nadia won't do ANYthing I ask for pictures.

  4. What FUN photos!!! :) Ella is adorable... and so is the puppy.

  5. Wonderful shots of the many faces of cutie Ella! I don't think the eyes look creepy...of course I get that look often, too. :) LOL about picture of Buttons, though! Our cat is severely neglected in the photography department. ;)