Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fun In the Sun

We have been out on the deck ALOT in the past couple of weeks. It has been hot and dry for as long as I can remember. Since Ella enjoys playing with cups and buckets of water right now, I enjoy just sitting there watching her, or getting a couple of things done in the kitchen....ok, like actually cleaning it, I guess. I dont know why, but if my whole house was dirty, as long as my kitchen was clean, I feel so much better. Weird huh? Anyways....We bought some freezy pops the other night and let Ella have one for the first time. Do you remember eating them as a kid? I couldnt wait for the actual ice part to be gone so I could drink all of the sugary sweet water at the bottom of the pop.

God, I wish I could remember what was happening at the moment I took this picture below. What a face!



  1. How adorable is SHE!!! I love the photo with the sparkles on her face from one of the pops. But that pout, awww. I hope I get up to the level at which you are in your photography. Your photos are amazing!

  2. I love how the sun is shining in her hair. Those ice pops bring back some good childhood memories. I usually sucked up all the juice and was left with only ice. That last shot is great. I love her expression. You must have asked her to smile or something.

  3. LOVE the sun shining in her hair in these...and that pouty face is too precious!!

  4. Mmmmk... I also am not a whole person until my kitchen is clean... so you're not the only weird-o on the block.

    And secondly, Jack just had freeze pops for the first time at the cabin last weekend, and he immediately picked up his father's obsession with them, and ate like five of them in a row.

    Ella's faces are so precious, and these photos that capture them are priceless. You should be very proud of yourself... and make sure you have BACKUPS of all of these!

    Thanks again for watching the boys this morning... they're both pooped out!

  5. She has just the best expressions! What a cutie. :)

    I have gotten them for the kids before, too. Great idea stripping her down so she doesn't ruin her clothes with them. They are so great in the summer.

  6. You just keep amazing me, Joanna...your photos get better and better! LOVE these with the backlight glowing through her hair, yet her face is still perfectly exposed.

    Oh, and she's adorable, but you already know that. :o)