Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Here Little Birdie!

So in continuing our day of nature (from previous post).....shortly after we had the butterfly incident Ella and I came in to get ready to go visit my Mom. As I am backing out of the driveway, I look forward and see a little birdie hobbling across the driveway over to the grass. My first thought was that I just ran this thing over since he was hobbling. So I pulled the car back in the driveway and went for a look. He was just sitting on the edge of the driveway....totally not scared at all. What's your next move when you see nature staring at you in the face? Go for the camera!

So, instead of going back in through the garage and all the way up the stairs for my camera, I decided to go in the front door. And what do you know....There was another little birdie sitting on my front step! Could this get any better? They must have both just flown the coop.

I went for my camera, but ran back out to let Ella out of the car. She was of course yelling to me that she wanted to see the birdies too. I told her she couldn't scare them though. So happily snapping away I went on both of the birdies. Amazingly, when I got back from my Mom's 2 hours later, they were both in the same spot.

Keith came home around noon that day to set up the sprinkler, since it seems we haven't had rain in a dogs age. I had just put Ella down for her "quiet time" so I went outside with Keith. I told him about our interactions with the butterfly and the birdies, but the birdies were no where in sight. Then we noticed the one from the driveway just a couple of feet in on the grass. We were afraid that they couldn't fly, so Keith tried to pick him up and move him to a shady spot. It was about 90 degrees that day and in the sun....we thought he'd cook. As Keith got him on his finger, I screamed, "Let me go get my camera!" In I went to grab my "4th arm" (Ella is my 3rd) and came out to take pictures. Amazingly enough, he was still on his finger. A couple of minutes later, he flew off into the shady grass and snuggled behind some plants. We were glad he could fly at least, and he was nowhere to be found later on in the evening.

We never found the second birdie that was on the front step. I hope both of them got to a safe place. What a neat day.


  1. GREAT photos! I hope your birdies are safe and happy wherever they are!! Our little birdie didn't make it. :(

  2. Wonderful photos of the baby birds. Looks like they tried to leave the nest a little bit too soon. I hope they make it too.

  3. Wow Joanna!! That is incredible. Maybe you should start a nature center at your house. I can't believe Keith was able to hold the bird and you were able to get a photo of it. That truly is amazing. Great photos!!!

  4. Look at his feathers all ruffled in that last one. Sweet. What a great learning experience for Ella, too. We had a bird experience a couple of months ago. Just being able to get so close to them, because it rarely ever happens, is so cool.

  5. Oh my! That is so cool! I hope they are ok, too!

  6. A very neat day indeed! Great photos as always! Those little guys are adorable.

  7. These are great! I love the one on Keith's hand. You sure had some wonderful close calls with nature that day.

    ITA about the rain...gah, we need some rain bad again. Of course I don't want the storms from last August, but a nice all day drizzler would be great for the lawns and flowers.

  8. I totally can't get over all the cool nature experience you guys have. So amazing. Awesome photos, especially that last one. How often do you get to hold a baby birdy in your hands?!