Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Save The Butterfly

Ever since going to the zoo and seeing the butterfly tent that they have, I have been infatuated with butterflies this year. One of Ella's favorite things to do in the last couple of weeks is play with water out on the deck. She will have a bucket full of water, a few cups, a few measuring spoons and just keep pouring and spooning the water from one place to the next. Sometimes she will pour it on our feet, or the dog or the grass, or the mulch under the deck....You name it.

Anyways, the other morning, we went outside and Ella told me there was a butterfly in her bucket. My stomach sort of sank because I didnt think that butterflies were supposed to get their wings wet like that and I was afraid he was dead or wouldnt be able to fly.

So we poured him out on the deck until I could decide what I was going to do with him. I felt bad for him because he was walking kinda crooked like one of his wings was heavier than the other.

Thankfully, he walked right up on my hand and I brought him off the deck into a little cherry blossom tree we have and perched him up on one of the leaves. I was hoping that he would dry his wings off enough to be able to fly again.

LAter that afternoon when Keith got home, I was telling him about it and we went back to see him. He was still there, but I must have gotten too close for his liking because then he flew away right before my eyes. I was so glad. I felt like we saved the butterfly!

That same day we had an encounter with some baby birds too. It was really kinda surreal, all these things that happen to cross our path that day. It felt like a day full of nature. That story along with some pictures is coming in my next post.


  1. Those are amazing. The colors are so vivid. I am glad the butterfly is okay.

  2. Wonderful shots and an even better story.

  3. I want to move nextdoor to you...you have so many awesome experiences with nature and wildlife! I can only remember seeing one buttefly around here all summer long. I love it that you were that butterfly's saviour - great story and awesome pictures!

  4. Wonderful shots of your butterfly! Glad you were able to save the little guy, and I'm sure Ella was glad to have a butterfly up close to look at.

  5. GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS shots!! I love the one on the deck and the sun glowing through on that last one!!