Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cousins are the Best

I post alot of pictures on my blog of Ella's cousins Jack and Everett. If I haven't mentioned it before, Jack was born 10 weeks before Ella and Everett is 1 1/2 years old. Ella loves them both dearly and is the closest thing she has to a sibling. Ella was conceived through IVF and though we would like to have another baby, and still plan on it at this point, it is very expensive and we are not sure if it will be financially feasible.

I moved to Minnesota about 17 years ago, so all of my family lives out of state (except for my parents). I am lucky that we are close to Keith's sisters because when I see Ella with her cousins it gives me so much joy. Toddlers having fun together anytime are wonderful to see, but to know that she has a closeness and a bond to them like she may not have with a sibling of her own is comforting.

My sister in law Crystal, is due in November with their first girl. I cant wait to see how Ella bonds with her. Thank you for being in our lives, Jack and Everett. Your Aunty Joey loves you wicked!

All 3 of them love to go on the 4 wheelers with anyone who is willing to give them a ride.



  1. Very cute! I love the last shot.
    Is the big bro yelling or laughing? The lil guy in the back looks like he's giving this all a second thought....

  2. Thanks Dawn - Jack is laughing...and Everett looks that way because I pulled his Nukky out of his mouth a couple of seconds before hand. Mean Aunty, arent I? :)

  3. Very cute shots! Yes, Ella is lucky to have cousins so close in age to her. My nieces have graduated high school, so my kids are not so lucky. :(

  4. You make me want to cry! We love Ella in our lives, and would not want it any other way! She brings these boys out of their ALL BOY little worlds! I know they will all treasure each other so much as the years go on!

  5. Cousins really are the best! I'm so glad Nadia has a troupe of little cousins to gorw up with. "Your Aunty Joey loves you wicked!" So cute! And I'm glad to see someone else that lets the kiddos play on the 4wheeler. ;o)

  6. OMG!! That last one is sooooo freakin' ADORABLE!!! Love all of their faces!!!

    We had 4-wheelers when I was a kid...TONS of fun!!