Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Hope everyone is stocked full of candy and chocolate for all those little monsters and princesses tonight! We finally got around to painting the pumpkins the other day. A few of you mentioned on my Theme Thursday post that Ella's color palette was very good....and that your child would have turned it into an icky color of brown....and believe you me, that's what happened at this house too. I luckily caught her paint plate before everything went bad!

I started to freak out about the paint dripping all over her clothes. But then I thought that it would be my fault for not putting her in clothes that would be appropriate for a 3 year old to paint in....She was just in sweatpants and a sweatshirt. It was one of those moments where I literally decided not to sweat the small stuff. What a refreshing moment. If the paint didn't come out, oh well! Thankfully it did. :)



  1. The licking of the lips makes me laugh.

  2. Wow, I thought YOU did that paint palette from yesterday! Good for you for letting her get dirty...fortunately, those kiddo paints do tend to clean-up fairly easily! I'm looking forward to Caden getting a bit older so I can enjoy him doing activities like this!

  3. She is so focused on painting those pumpkins. Yeah, sometimes it is nice to just enjoy the moment, but I am glad the paint came out.

  4. What a beautiful paint palette. At least Ella uses different colors ~ Violet will mostly stick to one or two colors even when she has several to choose from. It's funny to watch.

    I love the concentration on Ella's face. I love watching children get immersed in a project like that. Great photos! I especially like the last one, that expression is wonderful!

  5. I don't know how you stand it...she just so CUTE! It's awesome that you decided not to sweat the small stuff. I completely understand that moment when you just have to let go...and the freedom that comes with it! Good for you! :D

  6. Her expression in that last photo totally makes me laugh!

    She really went to town with those pumpkins - even if they did end up all one color. ;o) Nadia was too busy wiping the paint back off to put much on. Crazy kid.

    Great shos, and I love the high key!

  7. She really took to painting the whole pumpkin didn't she! That's awesome! I didn't think either about the clothes when I let Zane paint his pumpkin. Oh well!