Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween and BSM

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween. I cant wait to go look at every one's posts. We had a great Halloween this year. Hubby took Ella out trick or treating and I stayed home to pass out candy. Hubby even dressed up as Bob the Builder! Unfortunately, they rushed out of the house so quick that I didn't get a shot of him. I contemplated going out with them, but I felt like if everybody took their kid out, who would be home to pass out the candy to the other kids? After talking to a few people, apparently it is doable! I will definitely have to rethink my strategy next year!

Ella was so excited to trick or treat. She practiced for 3 hours before they actually went out.

She would pretend to ring the doorbell, come up to me with her bucket and say "Trick or treat!"

I say, "Oh, what a cute mouse you are!"

She says, "Thank you! Happy Halloween!"

Turns around and walks away. God I just want to gobble her up! ;0)


Candy, candy, candy! She could not wait to come home and show me how much candy she got. I couldnt wait to see what goodies were collected on their travels too! Her favorite is M&M's. I think because we use it as a treat sometimes when she goes to the bathroom by herself, the fact that she could hold a whole bag in her hand and eat it was just way to scrumptous of a reality.

Look at those gooey, chocolatey fingers......


I am calling this last photo my "Best Shot" because the two of them just sat on the floor eating candy for 10-15 minutes while I snapped away. Hopped up on sugar? Can I hear a HELL YA!


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  1. First of all: Your BSM is the sweetest photo ever!
    Second: Where did you get her costume??? That is the cutest thing I've ever seen!!

  2. The chocolate lipstick is great.

    Ella scwating down in great.

  3. that little mouse is just the cutest -- great shots of her!

  4. OH..YES! She is the cutest little mouse I have ever seen! I love her chocolate fingers....we got a lot of M&Ms here too...which is all good in the universe since they are a fave around here!

    Beautiful shots, as always!

  5. Eeeek! Oh my gosh, she is adorable. She's the cutest, most rolypoly mouse I have ever seen!!! It's just too much. I love the chocolate face too, and her and Daddy's matching smiles are great. Great pictures! But yes, next year you do need to go with for t&t!

  6. Oh my gosh, I can see why you want to gobble her up! She is so, so stinkin' cute! That costume is awesome and I love your BSM with daddy!

  7. she's the cutest little mouse i've ever seen. great pictures and i LOVE her eyes. :)

  8. She made the cutest mouse ever! What fun. I'm glad your husband dressed up as Bob the Builder, I'm sorry you missed the picture, but I think it's fun when the parents dress up too. I tried this year with a set of devil horns. ;)

  9. What a cutie pie! My husband also made a point of enjoying some candy with my son. I guess it's a dad thing. Nice photos!

  10. Oh my goodness! She's the CUTEST MOUSE EVER!!! Wonderful photos.

  11. She is *gorgeous* - and what beautiful photographs!

  12. That has got to be the cutest mouse costume EVER. And she just looked precious in it.

  13. She is so adorable in that costume. I love how she's perfectly holding the tail!

  14. OMG...what a precious little mouse!! Soooo cute!!! And, i love the chocolate face too!

  15. Oh my goodness she is the cutest little mouse I have ever seen. You got so many great shots of Ella. I am glad you had a good Halloween. You definitely need to go trick or treating next year.

  16. What a super adorable mouse! I love her practicing - I can see why you just want to gobble her up. Cuteness!

    We do take the kiddos out and just leave a basket of candy out. It normally doesn't take too long, but this year the candy was definitely gone when we got back. Good thing we kept some back!

  17. Please pay no attention to the fact that it is Saturday and I am just getting to BSM this week...

    What a great pick for sweet! And what an adorable mouse!