Saturday, November 29, 2008


The last two afternoons have been in the 40's until just before the sun goes down. Ella has been asking me for days to go outside and play, but I recently caught her cold and have not felt like bundling up to sit outside. So when Keith got home from work yesterday and again this afternoon, the two of them went outside to play and have a fire.

Here's whats left of the pumpkin Ella and Keith were watching the squirrels eat.

I spied Keith and Ella outside. These next few shots are from my kitchen window. Keith later told me that they were looking at the sky because they found the first star of the evening. They were also looking at all of the squirrels nests at the top of the trees in our woods. You know what I get a kick out of? How the last time he raked up the leaves with the tractor, he made horrible lines through the yard that almost frame them in. Good thing the snow is coming.....

I eventually went outside for a little bit. They looked like they were having too much fun without me. ;0) Since Ella always magnitizes towards me when I come around, I wanted her to still pay attention to Daddy so I told her to pretend like I wasnt there. She found a place in the grass where she pretended I was and brought me some dirt and had a pretend conversation with me over there. Atleast she did her own thing.

Here's hubby, showing off his wonderful beer drinking skills......Men.....



  1. I love the fire pit. We so need one of those. That beer drinking shot is so classic too. I love how she was still paying attention to you eventhough she really wasn't. How cute.

  2. I love the sepia of the two of them sitting by the fire...perfect!

  3. Ella and her Daddy have the best times together, don't they? So sweet. I really love that last shot, tattered jeans and all. And I love that she still pretended to play with you. hehe!

  4. What a wonderful fire pit you have in your backyard! That's a great place to have a fire and kick back pretty much year round I would bet. Great pictures too. I do hope you're feeling better now.