Thursday, November 27, 2008

I Am Thankful for Bubbles

On our way to my parents for Thanksgiving, I explained what day today was. TURKEY DAY! Ella gets a kick out of that for some reason. But really, I explained that today we give thanks for the things in our life. I asked Ella what she was thankful for.

"I am thankful for bubbles. I am also thankful for toys, and Santa Claus who will bring me lots of presents. And also.....yummy, sweet apple sauce."

While trying to keep busy before sitting down to eat, I asked Ella if she saw any birds on the deck (in order for her to look my way). I didnt expect it to throw her into excitement the way it did. Like she's never seen birds before!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.



  1. So, we explained to Jack the concept of Thanksgiving as well. When we asked him what he was thankful for, he said in a loud prounounced voice, "I am thankful for ONE THING!" "What's that, Jack?", we asked. "PIE!!!" That's all he said for two days!

    Hope you guys had a great day. We missed you wicked!!

  2. Wow, that's one heck of an excited look!! Sounds like she got the idea of "thankful" a bit better than Nadia. ;o)

  3. Those eyes are just fabulous. lol

  4. I'm thankful for bubbles least when they are in a hot bath! :) What a cute expression...gotta love the joys of childhood!