Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Could it be the End of an Era?

We have been struggling with the whole #2 potty training thing....But we have decided to push along anyways in getting rid of the diapers, since she does so good with the whole #1 thing. She has actually been waking up in the morning dry, which as anyone knows is a huge progress.

Ella and I made a 'Potty Board'. You've probably heard of this tactic. It is a calendar of sorts that Ella and I decorated and hung in the bathroom. Every time she does pee pee's in the toilet, she gets to pick a sticker. And when she does poopies, she gets a big Tinkerbell sticker. Plus, when she does poopies she calls my mom and my mom will give her a little surprise next time we see her (which we usually see her daily and its something small from the dollar store). She is really responding well to the whole sticker thing. As a matter of fact, she has been going into the bathroom to do pee pee's without even telling us!

She still doesn't like to do #2's.....I think it is one of those childhood fear things about losing something of herself or the way it makes her feel, but we have gotten rid of the diapers (hopefully once and for all, unless we have another baby that is).

This morning, she woke up, peeked into my room and said, "Good morning Mama!", then she went directly to the bathroom. Its such a wonderful noise to hear her go to the bathroom and flush the toilet all by herself. Sounds silly, I know. But there are alot of silly accomplishments we get excited about when we are Mommy's.

This is Ella just out of her room after nap time


  1. I don't think it sounds silly at all. It is a wonderful noise! lol! When it's something you've struggled to accomplish, it's a really great thing. Best of luck to you both! :D

  2. LOL..........
    The picture made me laugh so hard- I had to stop and breathe so I could read on.

    Good luck, just think I doubt she will go to prom in that pull up.

  3. I don't think there's a mother on earth that would think you're still for being excited about that! Yay Ella!

    And, that picture is too funny! :o)

  4. Way to go! I'm not really looking forward to all the training coming up ahead for us... it's so nice to hear of these successes and know that it is possible. :) Love that photo btw... love the silliness!

  5. Way to go Ella! (And Mom and Dad of course) We struggled with this too and then one day it just "clicked". Great photo!

  6. What a funny picture! Potty training has been an exercise in - um - I don't even know.

    but tonight for the first time in a long time Harrison jumped out of the bathtub sat on the potty and did a #2. A HUGE, HUGE, HUGE accomplishment! I can't even begin to tell you our woes.

    So that is AWESOME!! Go Ella!!

  7. Oh, that is awesome!! It is a HUGE accomplishment. I don't think Miller will ever be pottytrained. Harper was so easy so I guess it evens out. It is so liberating when they finally figure it all out.

  8. Oh yeah. That picture is SO funny. I love it!

  9. Oh yay! Caden has just started going on the potty the past few days...he has no idea that he's supposed to tell me when he needs to go, but he's been going every time I bring him in to sit on the potty!

  10. Sounds like good news. Kids really pick the time when they feel they are ready. Or at least that's what it seems to me. :) I'm always thrilled when W.W. gets up in the middle of the night to go potty.