Monday, December 8, 2008

The Best Cupcake EVER!

When we went to go see Santa the other day, Ella and my mom stopped off at the gift shop (while I waited in the Santa line) and they were selling cupcakes that Ella was immediately drawn too. My Mom said they sold them in all different colors and Ella specifically picked all RED for the 3 of us. These were the REDDEST cupcakes I have ever seen. As my husband said, it looked like melted crayon all over her face. And believe me, it was not easy to get off of her face. I had to wipe her down like 3 times and it still left a red stain on her mouth for the rest of the day.

She dug into this cupcake like nothing else. I could not stop taking pictures of her gooey little fingers, her Ronald McDonald clown face and her enthusiasm for eating you can tell by all the pictures I have posted here.

She ate it the day after visiting Santa. All we did that day was hang around in our jammies at home, so you might see upcoming posts of her in the same jammies since all we did all day was play and take pictures. It was a fun day! :o)

P.S. Still loving my 50mm!!



  1. That is some really red icing. I can see why you are loving that 50 mm. You are getting some great shots with it. That first one of the cupcake is awesome. It almost doesn't look real.

  2. She looks like she got into some lipstick with how red her lips are! That is so cute! And that looks like one seriously good cupcake!

  3. Wow! That's some seriously RED cupcakey goodness! how cute with that ring of red around her lips. I adore the second storyboard you posted. Did you have as much fun with your cupcake? hehe!

  4. Ooh, the nifty fifty is serving you well isn't it?! That is some RED cupcake. I don't believe I've ever seen icing quite that vivid before!

  5. She looks like she smeared red lipstick all over her face LOL! What a fun and colorful group of pictures.

  6. hmmm...I thought I commented on this already!

    Oh yeah, the 50 is awesome! I've used my 35mm a lot recently and went back to my 50 and was like, wow, this takes soooo much better quality photos! But, I still would recommend the 35 for wider-range situations and still being able to get low-light pics with out a flash...

    And that Cupcake is the REDDEST Cupcake I've ever seen! I hate the taste of red icing!!! But, looks like Ella LOVED it!