Sunday, December 7, 2008

Best Shot Monday

I went and bought Ella some undershirts the other day since it has turned horribly cold here in the last week or so. As we were getting dressed, Ella wanted to get her hair ready by combing it herself. I guess I always thought combing your hair the way it falls was an instinctual thing. :o) So we had a little lesson on how to actually comb her hair....just after I explained to her why she had to wear two shirts since this would be the first time she had an undershirt on.


When she got up to comb her hair, I felt like I had fallen in love all over again. Although she is always beautiful to me, in that moment I felt that I had never seen anything more beautiful in my entire life. The way she looked in the mirror and so caringly started to comb her hair made my little girl age almost 5-10 years. She looked like she was prettying herself up as she was dreaming about the cute boy she sits next to in homeroom class. It was almost like the angels were shining their bright rays down on mine and made her look so heavenly.

This is my best shot.


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  1. I know exactly what you mean. They can do one little thing and it makes them seem so grown up. That last shot is so soft and like you said heavenly.

  2. Those are beautiful. Funny how they can look so much older in a moment, sometimes.

  3. Oh my! That third shot is amazing!

  4. She is such a gorgeous girl! And the lighting here is perfectly angelic. I love the hand tucked into her pocket, and I never realized before how LONG her hair is! It's amazing how every once in awhile, we get a glimpse of the young ladies inside our little girls...

  5. wow, joanna...ella really does look so grown up...especially in the "hand tucked in back pocket" one...but, that last one, yep, she's gorgeous!

  6. It's a beautiful shot. You've captured that glow of freshly combed or brushed hair beautifully. :)

    W.W. likes to comb his hair backwards so if I let him do it he ends up with a lovely set of spikes. ;)

  7. Sigh...I love reading your blog because it gives me little glimpses of what I can expect of Raya some day. Love, love, Ella's little hand on her tummy in the first shot. She's a beaut!