Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A New Addition, Duty x4 and An Early XMas Gift

Beware.....Long post and lots of poop.

I know....You saw the title of the post and thought something completely different. I wish it were so, but its not. The new addition to our family is a brilliant blueish-green Beta fish. As I mentioned in a previous post, we have been diaper free for almost 2 weeks now. Ella has been doing wonderful with going potty in the toilet. One of the biggest surprises is that she has not wet her bed yet either! *fingers crossed* that I did not just jinx it.

In any case, When ever Ella does a #2 in the toilet, besides her new Potty Board that she gets to put a special Tinkerbell sticker on, she gets to call her Amu (pronounced "Amoo", which is my mom) and Amu will bring her a present. Ella has told her that she would like a fish. A real fish. After the first time she got a present from Amu, which was just a sheet of stickers....you could tell that Ella expected a fish. After all, it's what they talked about would happen. But Keith and I said we didn't want a fish because we did not want to have to clean the bowl (me) and did not want her to have to watch the notoriously "non long livers" to die (Keith).

Never the less, Amu got a call from Ella yesterday for doing her duty in the toilet and she came over with a fish. Ella was beside herself. What is the name of our new fish? Sweetie Pie.

Ella could not keep her hands off of Sweetie Pie's cup for most of the day. We hadn't put her in her new home yet because we needed to let the water warm up before we packed her up and moved her. So there she sat (Sweetie Pie)....completely shell shocked with her new environment....tortured by these tiny fingers coming drastically close to her and the wind storm that came blowing through the top of the cup (via Ella trying to blow her a kiss).

We currently give Ella Miralax to get her duty out because she was blocked up for a while (which was seen by having an xray). So I should have known that after she did her huge duty in the toilet, called Amu and got her wonderful fish, that that was not the end of it. When I put her down for her nap that day, all hell broke loose. And when I say "all hell", I mean THREE more NON SOLID visits from the concentrated evil that came out of her butt within a ONE HOUR time period. That would be 3 pairs of underwear. 3 pairs of pants. 3 times on my newly mopped bathroom floor. 1 time up the sleeve of my sweatshirt (don't even ask). 1 duty filled bathroom tub. And 1 final shower. Only to be repeated one more time later that night when hubby came home. Guess Miralax works, but Mommy's job was done. I was SO done.

When she did it the first time, she told me,
"Its ok if I do it in my pants, Mommy"
I said,
"Yup, sometimes accidents happen. But you should really do it in the potty."

When she did it the second time, she told me again,
"Its ok if I do it in my pants, Mommy."
I said again,
"Accidents do happen, but we really need to work on doing it in the potty."

When she did it the third time (may I remind you it was within one hour), I screamed,
"This is not okay Ella! This is not okay! We do not poop in our pants! We go in the potty and that's it!"

Oops. Guess I lost it.

Ella greatly enjoyed the company of Sweetie Pie. She showed her how to drum and eventually started to color the tupperware she was drumming with. We usually don't let her ruin our household items, but since I was taking pictures of her, I figured no harm done.

Which brings me to my final subject of this very long post (for those of you who hung in there). I got my Christmas present early this year....A 50mm f1.8 lens. Christina was SO right. I love it, love it, love it. What I love about it most is that it lets in so much light and does crazy bokeh, which I got to see while I was taking shots of us putting up our Christmas tree. I am still trying to work on the right balance of light and manual focusing, so bear with me. But have I said I love it yet? :)

So it was a crazy, crazy day. Lulu was even a little scared to come around me after having to deal with duty x4, but she peeked her head in once to see what we were up to.

I love you with all my heart little Munchkin, but we really gotta work on the poopy thing.....



  1. Those are amazing photos! I'm sorry to hear that Ella was having such a hard time (and you too). Hopefully she got everything out of her, ahem, system. ;) Seriously though, I hope she's doing much better. Sweeti Pie is a beautiful fish. A great reward for such a big transition.

  2. YAY for the 50!!!! I love mine and you will continue to love yours! Awesome shots & that is one gorgeous fish!

    All I can say is IIICCCKKKK on the poopy! I HATE getting poopy on me....eewww! Hope she feels better soon and that you guys have no more accidents!!!

  3. Oh YAY!!! I knew you'd love the 50 - isn't it awesome?? I know you're going to do great things with it. You've been getting incredible results with the long lens, and now that you have this little wonder? Watch out world! But why are you manually focussing?

    Anyway, yes - I was expecting something different based on the title of this post. LOL. but still, a fish is good! He sure is pretty. I am SO SORRY about all the poopy tho. ICK. You handled it better than I would have probably! I hope she's all cleared out now and no more issues. At least she's willing to go on the potty now!

    I had to laugh at the bit about ruining household items, too - been there, done that!!

  4. dang, that was one heck of a long comment, huh? LOL

  5. Great photos! I always love to see what you've posted. Sorry about the potty training. I SO know what you're talking about. Ugh. I hope today is better! :)

  6. Potty training is so stressful. I came unglued one time when I found that W.W. had peed in the corner on the carpet. Mom definitely needed a time out after that one.

    Lovely pictures of the fish though. I hope she figures it out maybe she can then get an aquarium for her fish too. :)

  7. I am impressed you made it to #3 before losing it. You handled it much better than me I am sure. Sweetie Pie is so cute. Congrats on the 50 mm lens. Can't wait to see more great shots.

  8. Ick ick ick! Sometimes potty training is the worst.

    Hopefully today goes better!

    And you will LOVE the 50mm lens... almost never take mine off!

  9. Great job with your nifty fifty! Love these shots. It's fun, isn't it?? :)

    But, ohhhh, the poopy. :( I would have lost it, too, so don't feel bad. In fact I would have lost it the 2nd time, so you have the patience of a saint. Truly.

  10. I think any mom would have lost it at that point. Poor baby. She'll get it.

    Lovely lens, lovely pics. You'll have so much fun with it.

  11. Wow, you conquered the lens fast! I love, love, love the last picture. Oh how know the horrors of the poop saga.