Monday, March 16, 2009

Just A Little Friendly Advice.....

Life with a toddler is a walk in the park. We completely respect each other. We really take the time to hear each other out and resolve our problems in the best way possible. We sit around like a couple of girlfriends laughing the good laugh with our pinky fingers in the air as we drink tea and snack on biscuits and flatbread.

We reminisce about the old days when she was a baby while we play the Dora version of Candy Land and agree on completely everything that should happen or need to get done that day. She respects my authority and I respect her need to be an individual and make decisions on her own. I have even provided her with her very own chair where she loves to take time outs and just be by herself for a while to stew in her thoughts (for some reason, she prefers that I set a timer for 3 minutes though). Strange I know! But we all need our alone time, I guess....

Yup, I got it pretty easy over here. And if you believe a word of the way I just described my day, then you ain't met MY TODDLER!

Yet, I'm so glad she's MY toddler! :o)



  1. Absolutely perfect! Oh, I am so loving this post and shaking my head in complete agreement! That first photo says it all!

  2. Hahaha!! Gotta love the toddlers!
    I wrote about my girls attitude today as well.
    Your pictures are beautiful!!

  3. LOL!!! So funny. I hear you! :D Good that you can have a sense of humor about it anyway!

  4. I was shaking with laughter from the very first line! This post needs to go in your "Top Ten!" Oh boy, I sure can relate. Ella and Nadia are two sides of the same coin. Loved this!

  5. LOL...that first shot says it all! Great pictures of your "spunky" little girl. I know what you mean and can greatly sympathize. ;)

  6. I am with Christina. This post rocks. You are too funny. Although I love all of Ella's funny faces and her beautiful eyes, that first photo is awesome and so perfect for this post.

  7. This post is just hilarious! And that quote...I don't have words for it! :)

  8. LOL - your title for this perfect. I had one of those moments myself last night where the screaming just overwhelmed everything when it came time for bed.