Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Concert

Tuesday night I went to the Elton John/Billy Joel concert with my Mom. I had been waiting for this concert for months and was so excited to go. They did not disappoint either! Initially, I was really excited to see Elton John more than Billy Joel. Though I love their music both the same, Elton John is just more iconic. Never the less, I was thrilled when I heard they were coming back in concert together again. I thought for sure the one time they had done it before would be it....and I never went to one of those concerts.

So right when the tickets went on sale one Saturday morning back in January, I was online and ready to purchase....I was willing to pay any price!

One thing that started the concert out right was that they were on time! I have been to so many concerts where they start at least a half hour late. I saw Prince in concert and he was 1.5 hours late. I was pissed. Not this time. It was so great we only had to sit there 10 minutes before they came on stage. When they came out, they sat down and played a few songs together.

We had FANTASTIC seats! We were just diagonal to the stage. Had we been anymore to the side of the stage, our seats would have been obstructed. Had we been anymore head on to the stage we would have been further away. They were perfect.

I had gone to the Celine Dion concert back in January and did not bring my camera because I thought it would get confiscated at the door and I was not willing to take the chance of parting with it. Man was I upset when they barely even checked my big huge Mama size bag. And then of course every single person in the stadium had a camera and I was jonesing. So for this concert, I was taking my camera. As we got to the security doors, the guy scanned my bag slightly but also felt the bottom of it and asked if I had any small children or ex-husbands in there! It was kinda weighty. I held my big mama bag close as I smiled and replied, "Nope."

So as I said before, I was more excited to see Elton John than Billy Joel. After they played a few songs together, Billy left the stage and Elton played his part. Of course it was excellent. He could have cut back on making every song an instrumental at the end, but regardless, it was awesome to see him play.

But let me tell you....Billy Joel was much more of a performer than I had expected. Elton John is excellent. Let me get that out in the open right away. But Elton only performed while sitting at his piano then stood up to wave and say thank you between songs. Billy played at the piano and then the piano went away and he danced and sang with a guitar or microphone. He also talked to the audience and made jokes. He was fantastic.

Look at the creepy guy just below Billy Joel of this shot below.....

After they each played on their own, they played together again for the encores. It was just so great to get to see two of my favorite performers in concert together. Every song you knew and every song was a favorite. It was a wonderful 3.5 hours (with no intermission) concert that was totally worth the money.

I got a kick out of this photo and just had to post it. What is going on in the bottom left corner? It just looks so out of placed and almost Photoshoped. I swear that is how the photo came out though. So wierd!



  1. Reading this gave me a Huge smile---your absolute giddiness just screamed with every word! Glad you had such a great time!! 31/2 hours??? That is awesome! My favorite concert ever was Cold Play a few years only dissapointment was that it seemed so short!!! I can just picture you walking around your house singing some tunes today...

  2. AWESOME!! What an incredible time! I am such a loser that I have actually never been to a concert, and this makes me really want to change that!! How fun. Your seats must have been incredible...your zoom lens is broken, right, so that means you were close enough to get these pics with your 50?! Wow. Love your excitment. BUT, it must have sucked to wake up to a sick kid after a night like that!

  3. Wow! Those shots are so impressive. I am so jealous. I bet it was a spectacular concert.

  4. WOW!! These pictures are great!! What camera did you use? I know they usually dont allow cameras with lenses...would love to know what you used/settings and such. I love going to concerts, I usually have to take my powershot thogh.

  5. These are quite simply some of THE best concert photos I've seen, kudos to you, Joanna! I was lucky enough to catch them on the last tour, probably won't be going this time (here at month end), but this was nearly as good as being there. Nearly :-)