Friday, March 19, 2010

Sometimes, She Is Just Too Much

My daughter absolutely cracks me up! She is an actress to the N'th degree. Pink eye and an ear infection has stricken her this week, but you would not know by the way she is acting. Thankfully, after just one day of eye drops and antibiotics, you wouldn't even know that she had a highly contagious eye infection that could spread like wildfire!

Stuck at home the other day, under quarantine basically, we managed to laugh until we peed our pants. And let me tell you, while pregnant, its not hard at all to do that....

She stuck on these glasses from a bathtub swimming puppy she got for Christmas. But the highlight was when she put the hat on to go with it. She sat there with this goofy face on while I could barely hold the camera still to take these pictures because I was laughing so hard. I don't know how she was not laughing....especially in the last shot. She KILLED me...Just KILLED me!


This distant glare off into space was all in the moment. I could not have asked for a better expression with these goofy glasses on! She is such a silly dork in this shot! :0) I just love her....



  1. My Heavens! What a cutie-patooty! Seriously, that she wasn't busting a gut is pretty amazing. Thanks for sharing a smile!

  2. Oh my, she realy is just too funny! Unreal that she was able to keep from craking up, but those quirky smiles are the very best part! She seems like such a character. Wish we could meet up in person!!

    "she is such a silly dork" - you crack me up, too!

  3. THIS is exactly one of the very BEST parts of parenthood! These kiddos are just wonderful little creatures. we are so very blessed to have them in our lives. THEY make life better!

    the middle shot is my favorite. ♥

  4. Oh my. She is way too cute. You can tell by the photos that she is quite the comedian.

  5. That's fantastic! She definitely has a sense of humor. Glad to hear she's feeling okay despite the infections.

  6. ha ha, those are some cute shots of her.

  7. She's hysterical! So awesome that her actress personality lets you have so much fun shooting pics!