Sunday, August 1, 2010

Magical Times Are Happening

One of the first of many magical times, is beginning to happen around here. Olivia will be 8 weeks on Tuesday and she is starting to react and smile at us. Nope, its not just gas anymore! She is staying awake a little more throughout the day now, which means we get to interact with her more. Ella loves to get in her face....ALL THE TIME! Did I say ALL the time? Ok, just making sure....

She is also making noises at us and trying to talk. Her little lips start to curl and tiny coos and googoo gaagaa's come out. Oh how I love this stage! With the postpartum I went through with Ella, which lasted almost 10 weeks, I really feel like I missed out on this stage with her and wasn't able to enjoy it as much as I am with Olivia.

Keith and Ella went up to the cabin with his family for the night and it was just Olivia and I. I cant tell you how much I enjoyed myself. I took a nap. I stayed up late catching up on all the shows I DVR'd. And I slept in until 9am. Granted I had to get up and feed Olivia a couple of times throughout the night, but she is at the point where she will go back to sleep after her belly is full and diaper is changed. It was great quality time!

I am so in love with my little girls....Individually, but most of all together!



  1. She is so beautiful. Does she look like Ella as a baby? I think it looks like they have the same eyes.

  2. What a beautiful, precious shot JAonna. Hope all is well. Love ya

  3. Love love love. She is beautiful but we all knew she would be. Olivia is gonna be the luckiest little sis.

  4. This has to be the most adorable shot ever. Seriously. So, so, sweet.

  5. So adorable! And she is getting so big...growing so fast!

  6. What a beautiful family.

    Gorgeous pictures. Absolutely gorgeous.

    You have a gift for this - babies and photography.

  7. Sweet Ella + Sweet Olivia = sweetness overload. Wow, that's good stuff Jo! Such a darling capture. Olivia is a beauty just like her big sister! (and I know Nadia would be the exact same way if she had a baby sister/brother...the poor kid would be smothered with love!)

  8. So adorable!!! Ella looks like she's enjoying being a big sister. Two beauties in one family, hubby better get that shot gun ready! :D