Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Team Up Thursday

Christina and I were a little behind this week for Team up Thursday. I don't think we picked a theme until Tuesday! We ended up choosing FOOD because I thought it would be easy. Ha Ha on my part since I hadn't been grocery shopping in a couple of weeks!

Christina and Nadia had this one down though. Ants on a log...How fun! Ooey gooey tasty peanut butter with celery and raisins. A great nutritious snack. While I on the other hand, may not have real food in the house, but we have donut holes! It's like our naughty obsession in this house and a quick and easy breakfast for Ella before school sometimes.

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  1. Mmmmm. Those donut holes sure do look yummy.

  2. Your donut holes made me hungry last night...and again this morning. And then I wonder why the scale won't move. *sigh*

  3. My youngest is a donut/donuthole addict. He can spot a Dunkin Donuts sign a mile a way!
    Now I am hungry for donuts.

  4. Mmm, doughnut holes for breakfast. No wonder you're such a popular mommy! ;)

  5. totally going with the donut holes ;).

  6. YUM! Those donut holes look positively delicious!