Monday, December 20, 2010

BSM - Cozy Home

I don't go down into our family room much unless Keith is home. Keith games downstairs and whenever I nap or something he and Ella go down there. During the day, I usually stay upstairs with the kids because my laptop is here for work and then the kitchen for all of the kids needs. Seems I'm always getting a drink/bottle or its time to make lunch or a snack.

I went down there the other night to find this cozy little setting. Ella had taken my nest ornament, set it on a little bench and curled the branches of our tree around it. It's hard to see too, but she took Keith's little white matchbox car that he keeps on his desk and parked it just to the left of the nest.....making it it's own garage.

What a cozy little scene, I thought. Along with the nest and car were a few Littlest Pet Shop animals, so I know she was having a good time with it. Her creativity blows me away everyday. Surprisingly, I wasn't even bothered that she rearranged the ornaments and was playing with the nest. All I thought about was her being a child at Christmas. With how mature she acts, sometimes I forget she is just a little girl who wants to play, explore and have fun.


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  1. How sweet! You should get Ella her own tree for her room. Violet has one and loves it!

  2. That really is a sweet little scene...and fun to imagine her joy at creating her setup.