Thursday, February 17, 2011

Team Up Thursday - Blue

Christina and I are jumping back into it with a new Team Up Thursday diptych. This weeks theme is BLUE.

Look at how cute Christina's shot is with her shoes and blue jeans. It's funny to me how the focus is on her blue jeans, but I am drawn more to the shoes. They are so cute! If only my feet were that small and cute!

Mmmmm, M&M's......Only BLUE, of course.

Looking forward to seeing everyone else's this week!


For more "Team-Up Thursday" diptych's, head over to Megan's and check out the groups Flickr page.


  1. I am glad you guys are back. I always love seeing your wonderful dips. My is very drawn to the cracked blue m&m for some reason. I am digging Christina's shoes too.

  2. Hey there, partner!! I just realized I sent you the dipy instead of my fullsize pic...sorry! :oP It's funny that you comment on the shoes, as I just got them a few days ago and I love them. I'm a weird woman and only own 4 pairs of shoes, and the classic black ones that I wear everywhere were getting way too beat up and needed replacement. So I found these at good ol' Target! And they run big - I usually wear a 7.5, but these are size SIX! Makes me feel like I have tiny delicate feet. ;o)

  3. Great, now I want chocolate! LOL. LOVE the shoes!!! I need some new ones and will have to go check those out.

  4. What a fun diptych - your blues are so bright and the jeans are deep and almost moody.

  5. How come I can't remember if I knew m&ms came in blue? Have they always?