Monday, December 13, 2010

BSM - Snow, Snow, Snow

Some of you may have heard that the Midwest got pummeled by a blizzard this past weekend. 17 inches was the official total I heard here in Minneapolis. We got so much snow that the roof of the Metrodome caved in (cool video) forcing the Vikings to move their game from yesterday to tonight and to play in Detroit rather than at home.

It was actually quite beautiful as it fell from late Friday night through all day Saturday. It seemed like it would never stop. And until the temperatures dropped to sub zero degrees with nasty wind chills, Ella had SO MUCH fun! Her little boyfriend down the street came trudging through the snowy roads that hadn't been plowed yet and the two of them frolicked carefree for quite some time. Barely seeing their legs as they played in the yard, building snow forts and eating the freshly fallen snow is what winter should be all about.


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  1. I agree - we didn't go anywhere much Saturday & it was heaven!

  2. Beautiful shot! I'll be back another day; naptime's almost over! :)

  3. 17"...that's a lot of snow! And that's totally the stuff of wonderful childhood memories!