Thursday, December 2, 2010

Team Up Thursday

Christina and I took a break last week for the holidays, what I didnt realize is that so did everyone else! In any case, we decided to catch up with ourselves and do thankful this week. Coincidentally, we both chose nature as a root. It's very hard not to be thankful for the beauty nature beholds.

I'm sure she wont mind me sharing.....These are Christina's exact words in her email to me, "No, I can't really say what it just for some reason embodies thankfulness that was in my heart at the moment I snapped it." Once I opened the picture I completely agreed that no words needed to be said about the thankfulness in her heart at the time she took the picture. Unfortunately, we can usually look at visions like this longer than they can last.

I live in a suburb outside of the city. By no means am I on farm land or live in a development where the houses are far and few between. So it always amazes me how many deer come in to our yard several times a day to be fed. Last year we had 21 deer at one time. Sometimes at night, while feeding Olivia mostly, I can see their forms against the white snowy ground. The other night as I was starring out the window, the first thing I thought was, deer make me happy. They are so peaceful to watch. And unless they feel threatened, the way they compose themselves and swagger around slowly seems to make time stop for me. I don't mean like in the movies when two lovers meet and they gaze into each others eyes as things turn slow motion. I mean that during those times when I watch the deer, everything goes quiet and nothing around me matters. For giving me that feeling, I am thankful.


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  1. It's amazing how in tune you and Christina are this week. Thank you both for the reminder to be still and enjoy the goodness around us.

  2. You and Christina both have such a way with words. You guys are the perfect team!!!

  3. I love taking moments just to watch the sky and that's a beautiful shot. As for deer, they are such gentle creatures and so peaceful to watch.

  4. Oh my goodness. Your photo could not be more picture perfect. Truly beautiful. We have tons of dear around our house. But I have the mentality that I see them all the time that unless "there's a purple one" (as I tell my husband who loves to spot them) I'm mostly not interested. ;) But if I could see that dear snuggled in the snow, I'd be in awe.

  5. Possibly my favorite of our diptychs yet. We've had some great ones, but this just MEANS a lot. Thanks for being a great partner!

    BTW, my computer did not want to work today, so I swiped the dipy off of here. You don't mind, right!?!?! :oI